smw/schema:Group:Schema properties

פון היימישע אידישע ווערטערבוך
ווערסיע פון 22:29, 27 דעצעמבער 2021 דורך (שמועס) (Semantic MediaWiki group import)
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This schema type supports the definition of property groups to help structure the browsing interface.
The request is being processed and may take a moment. בהכנה …
{ "type": "PROPERTY_GROUP_SCHEMA", "groups": { "schema_group": { "canonical_name": "Schema properties", "message_key": "smw-property-group-label-schema-group", "property_keys": [ "_SCHEMA_TYPE", "_SCHEMA_DEF", "_SCHEMA_DESC", "_SCHEMA_TAG", "_SCHEMA_LINK", "_FORMAT_SCHEMA", "_CONSTRAINT_SCHEMA", "_PROFILE_SCHEMA" ] } }, "tags": [ "group", "property group" ] }